October Horror: Day 25, The Devil’s Candy


Day 25

The Devil’s Candy


With a brilliant title, The Devil’s Candy is less a horror film as a standard film with creepy elements. While superficially hinting at something supernatural, that is, satanic, the movie is in reality nothing more than a maniac murder flick.

Given how much I hated The Amityville Horror, one would think this film would suffer similarly. This is because for the first half of the movie, we are essentially given a homage to Amityville–a new financially insecure family buys a murder-house and there are twinges of demonic possession regarding the father. However, The Devil’s Candy dodges all the failures of Amityville by switching gears and turning towards a narrative of where a mentally deranged killer tries to get back into ‘his’ house.

At no point does this film become anything innovative or impressive. But that doesn’t necessarily derail the movie; it is able to hit its scripted notes very well. There are some clear moments where the story wanted to be more than it ended up being, but they are so minor you can easily forget them. The only real nagging flaw is the supernatural angle, which out to have been wiped away from the film and would have made it stronger. The formulaic nature of the film means it’ll entertain in the way that heavy metal album covers can even though there is never a need to listen to the albums because they so homogeneous.

Adequate and forgettable.

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