October Horror: Day 22

Day 22

The Amityville Horror


From start to finish, The Amityville Horror was a disappointment. I can’t express just how dull this film was, and I am mystified it’s considered a horror classic. It fails on almost every level and for a film from 1979, it feels endless.

James Brolin plays an insipid mountain man enduring the Catholicism of his wife Margot Kidder. The ‘true story’ aspect of this film is painfully stupid. As a film based on a book, it fulfills that 70s fetish for film versions of bestsellers. However, there was utterly no reason to make this film. It fails in terms of suspense. It fails in terms of acting. The aggressively stupid Catholicism is an insult to secular and non-secular alike. And, ultimately, the payoff for enduring this ‘hell house’ story is nothing. NOTHING. The family escapes. Nothing happens to anyone.

It is distressing this film was made.


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