October Horror: Day 21, Night Watch & Day Watch

Day 21

Night Watch

In 2004 the Russian urban fantasy epic Night Watch was released. It was a bizarre amalgam of vampires, witches, shapeshifters, immortals, video games, and medieval blood lust. For all of these reasons, I put it in the action-horror subgenre as something fans of Blade would probably like. Night Watch was the first part of the film’s story. The second was Day Watch released two years later.

Day Watch


Night Watch was convoluted although entertaining. There were some rather clever special effects and a grittiness to the film you don’t really get that often. The story is perhaps the most bizarrely Russian thing one could imagine mixing equal parts an Orthodox Christ figure with Hamlet while infused with Eastern European/Far Western Asia folktale fatalism. Somehow it all kinda worked. By the time we get Day Watch, the story has run out of gas. It’s more knotted yet also somehow too simple.

These films have to be seen together but I don’t think they ever need to be seen again. In fact, after re-watching them, I think we can all just pretend they never happened–the same we all did with Wanted.

Promising and at moments very entertaining but ultimately unsatisfying.

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