Homebrew: Cloven Hoof Winter Ale


This beer turned out to be the most potent I’ve yet brewed. It had a strong aroma which I loved, but was too clove tasting. The clove flavor overcame the beer flavor. However, since this made ten bottles, it’s really grown on me, and I think this would be a good beer for Thanksgiving. I will change the spice package up in the future but I like having this on my list of possibilities.


Cloven Hoof 
1 Gallon Winter Ale Recipe



1.25 gallons water

1.5 oz. Black Malt

1.5 oz. Chocolate Malt 
1 oz. Honey Male

1 lb. Golden Light

7 grams Magnum

Safale US-05

7 grams equal parts Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Allspice, Clove


Continuing my attempts at creating my own homebrew recipes, I attempted to brew a winter ale. What I came up with turned out to be too heavily clove flavored and aroma-ed. I later learned from my wife, who is a rather good baker, I had used far, far too much clove. For future brews, I plan to change up the ratios–3.5 grams cinnamon, 2 grams nutmeg, a gram of allspice, and half a gram of clove. This spice combination for me is the ‘holiday’ scent. 

Put grains into a mesh bag and steep in water for at least 10 minutes. I tend to let the water get warm first and then steep the grains until nearly boiling. Remove grain bag and throw away.

Start 45 minute timer and turn up heat to bring water to a boil. Add hops at beginning of 45 minute boil along with malt. Stir well and let cook. 

At the end of the boil, turn off heat and add spices. Stir well. Let cool. Fill sink with ice and cold water. Transfer kettle to ice bath. Let sit until cool to the touch.

Sanitize equipment. Remove kettle from ice bath. Siphon beer into carboy. Do not fill above the one gallon mark. Add half of the packet of yeast and gently swish or aerate the wort. Cap and set in a dark, cool place to ferment.

Fermentation time: 7 days.

Bottling Day: add carbonation tabs, cap, and let sit for 7 days before transferring to refrigerator. Once cold, enjoy!


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