FLOWERS & SKY, lectures and unpublished poems by Aaron Shurin, reviewed by Daniel Casey

Heavy Feather Review

Flowers & Sky: Two Talks, by Aaron Shurin. Seattle, Washington: Entre Ríos Books, October 2017. 60 pages. $12.00, paper.

Every poet is unconsciously dominated by particularities. There is a moment in the writing life of most when they come to realize not just their habits or style but also obsessions and predilections. It is a moment when a writer sees their work from the outside. Often, this will lead to self-imitation or, to put it perhaps less injuriously, branding of oneself. However, writers who are not just skilled but nuanced routinely seize on this moment to either switch course or create intensely interrogatory works. 

The latter is what we see in Aaron Shurin’s Flowers & Sky. This slim volume consists of two lectures delivered in 2016 as well as a sampling of prose poetry meant to illustrate the points within the talks. In his preface, Shurin focuses…

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