2 Poems in Tuck Magazine

Tuck Magazine

is a political, human rights, lit, music and arts journal,” has accepted two poems of mine: ‘Trumps Hate’ and ‘The Left Behind.’ 

These poems are difficult for me as they represent some of the writing I did post-election and post-inauguration. Both poems have a very pessimistic air, I was in a dark place stricken by the election of 45 and what it meant for the county. Since then, fears have proven well founded. Part of me also worries each poem but especially ‘Trumps Hate’ could be read as less about resisting the administration and culture of hate and more as complacency or even an endorsement. The trouble with cynicism even if it’s leftist is that it’s ugly and angry and not nearly as constructive; this is where my anxiety springs.

Both poems are part of my work-in-progress poetry manuscript currently titled It’s Not About You.

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