The Best Thing You Can Do for the Environment That Almost No One is Talking About


For Earth Day 2016, the Wildlife SNPits scientists wrote a series of daily blogs on easy things you can do to help the environment. One of the topics I wrote about was taking kids outside. It’s not the most intuitive thing you’d think of when helping Mother Earth, but this little act makes a really big difference. This year, after attending the Children & Nature Network Conference, I am convinced this is the single most important thing you can do for the earth.

It’s clear from attending that the Children & Nature Network is more than a meeting, it is a global movement (#NatureForAll). The goal is simple, to get kids outside. But the challenges we face with this simple task are surprisingly great based on how most of us live our lives. As someone who cares about conservation, this should concern you. Luckily, the solutions are easy, and…

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