From the Desk of Bailey Poland: On Writing as Women

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Logo_BackCover_LeftShortThe following contribution comes from Bailey Poland, author of Haters: Harassment, Abuse, and Violence Online (Potomac Books, 2016). Bailey Poland is a writer, feminist, and activist, as well as the creator of the literary journal Leaves and Flowers and is a regular contributor to numerous print and online journals, including Line Zero. She is the editor of Involution: Stories, Poems, and Essays from the First Two Years of “Line Zero”.

Her book is currently on sale in honor of Women’s History Month. 

I have always been a writer. Since the time I learned how to read, I have needed to put pen to paper in order to make sense of the world. My first impulse, always, is to write about it—whatever “it” happens to be. As I reflect on how I want to celebrate Women’s History Month, I find myself thinking about how writing as a woman requires…

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