Ascendant Realms Fantasy Series Giveaway

Until March 11th, you’ll be able to download for free my three fantasy books and my recipe book over at Smashwords.

I’m currently writing the fourth book in my non-magic fantasy adventure series Ascendant Realms. It’s working title is Bone Weary and here’s the current front and back cover:

bone weary 4

If you decide to download my fantasy books, I’d appreciate it if you could also give them a short review on Amazon and Goodreads. When you do, send me an email with the review or just your handle so that I know it’s you, and I’ll send you a free paperback copy of my poetry chapbook Casual Myth.



So now is a good time to catch up on the series. Book 1, Adversaries Together, introduces seven would-be heroes in the world of Syr Nebra. The nun-like priestess Kira Ambrose and her paladin escort Goshen Staad are on a diplomatic pilgrimage to the mysterious, far southern city-state of Lappala producer of the most valuable natural resource in the world, bithumin. But within their Vatician-like city-state of Sulecin or The Cathedral, there are machinations keen to sacrifice the two for some sinister result. Enter Declan Rainway, mercenary hired by the eastern city-state of Ardavass, known as the Seven Spires, sent to shadow the pair and guide them into the arms of the Seven Spires. Along their way, Kira and Goshen are saved from bandits by the mysterious wanderer Avery Roth. Roth recruits the mercenary Jena Char to aid the two but things quickly go awry. In the west, the city of Rikonen has been under siege for years and is falling apart. The city’s reluctant leader Wynne Landis and his daughter Fery, embark on a journey to petition The Cathedral to intercede and stop the imperial ambitions of the Seven Spires. These seven–a naive young priestess, a crusader, a poor sellsword, a bitter indigenous rover, a hard-edged heroine, and the scions of a once great city–come together, bond, and discover themselves at the crux of political schemes meant to create nations from cities.


Winterfinding, the second book of Ascendant Realms, sees the group of seven splinter. Roth heads to the far north to confront his past and Wynne finds himself embroiled in the election of a new Patriarch, head of the world’s religion seated in The Cathedral. All this leaves Kira, Goshen, Fery, and Declan on their own trying to piece together the plots against them and the major players. Meanwhile, Jena cleans up after the group trying to erase any signs of their presence in the hopes of keeping them all alive a bit longer, and in the process, discovers key information that will force the group to change tactics.


Book three of my Ascendant Realms series is The Punishment Hand. The seven manage to come together once again sharing new information and forming a new plan of attack. Rikonen is still under siege by the Seven Spires, but a new player has arrived on the scene drastically changing the balance of power. A gigantic armada from Lappala looms on the horizon and has sent operatives into the mainland. While Roth is still in the far north dealing with his mysterious order, the other six fight to stay together. As events escalate, our heroes attempt to stay grounded, loyal to each other, while finding a way to stop the seeming runaway militarization of their world.


Also available as a free download is my recipe book, You Got To Eat Something:

A cookbook geared towards building up the habit of cooking through confidence and experience. A simple gimmick: few ingredients, inexpensive, easy prep, reasonable cook time, a small amount of clean up, and Goldilocks serving sizes.

Again, if you download my fantasy books, and write/rate them on Amazon. I’ll send you a free paperback copy of my poetry chapbook Casual Myth.

And, of course, I’d always love to have you get the paperback copies because it will go a long way in helping me complete the series.

ThePunishmentHand cover 25216862 download


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