3 Best & Worst MLS Jerseys of 2017

Major League Soccer‘s new season begins on March 3rd, so here’s a sort of late pre-season warm-up.

MLS has this off-putting tendency to really pat itself on the back for casual, even mediocre things. it’s probably the thing I most dislike about the league.


Of course, MLS has to do this because it’s less about soccer and more about selling itself. Don’t get the wrong idea, the teams (brands) within the league do care about soccer but the league…well, maybe not so much. If it did, there’d be a less byzantine rules, more unity with the international game, and slightly less quixotic boosterism.

But, whatever, it’s the game as it’s played here in the States. We just have to live with it. All of this is a roundabout way for me to come to my first take on the upcoming season. Preseason is all but over, new signings have been made, new teams are about to debut, and, of course, we’ve got new kits to buy.

Taste, of course, is subjective, so I would love to hear your top and bottom three.

Here are my top five best and worst kits of 2017.


Worst MLS Kits of 2017



DC United


Clearly, a terrible jersey. Whether you see it as tire tread flattening a player or as spray on abs gone horribly wrong, there is nothing redeemable about this kit. Fortunately, the home kits are very good.



FC Dallas


The primary kit of FC Dallas isn’t impressive but this secondary kit is just stupid; it is the kit of simpleton. Goodnight, Moon.


Sporting Kansas City


Some day, SKC will get over its suburban dad love of polo shirts as soccer jerseys. I rather like their away kits but these home kits are terrible because they are so unapologetically milquetoast.


Forgettable MLS Kits of 2017


If you didn’t see your team’s kit above and don’t see it below, congrats! Your team is forgettable and ordinary. Chances are they’ll make the postseason because more than half the league always does but no one will really care if they win or lose.

So here, listen to this Migos track–


Best MLS Kits of 2017



Atlanta United


Although the expansion team’s kit is really just an AC Milan rip off, I love the gold, red, and black. This home kit is lovely. Unfortunately, the away kit looks cheap.


Minnesota United


While Minneosta went from arguably the most distinctive kits in the US while in the NASL to a rather safe MLS jersey, I still contend it is one of the most elegant in the league. I will never apologize for my love the sash design and the kit looks wonderful in action.


Columbus Crew


Last year, Columbus had one of the ugliest kits ever designed. This year the team returns to the vibrant yellow and black that makes the team distinctive. The sponsor is beautifully featured and the side checkers are a wonderful highlight.

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