Three Poems by Elizabeth Onusko

Heavy Feather Review

Call to Action

Though its primary function is withstanding a sustained assault, a castle also serves as the dominant symbol in most state-sanctioned mythologies. Pay attention, pay attention. If we’re all in this together, why must I prioritize minor celebrities in my daily prayer regimen. When the cable car I’m riding gets stuck above a mountain, my mind distracts me with nuanced reenactments of icicles melting. What do we have left. Inside every castle inside every myth is a locksmith walking through doorless corridors, a spy listening through a wall to the simple melody of ampersands. What did we have to begin with. Was it ever ours.

Coalition of the Unwilling

A soprano practices in the apartment next door, hitting the same high note over and over again. On the news, public officials convey the appropriate urgency. Clever us, compelled by infographics. We have no capacity for assailable villains. Cut…

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