Black Wave

Raging Biblio-holism

blackwaveThe Short Version: It’s the late 1990s and the world is ending. Literally. But Michelle rambles through her days like any other days, drinking and fucking and doing drugs, all with a gently gnawing sense of needing (wanting? believing?) something else. She uproots from San Francisco and heads to LA, where the apocalypse really kicks in – but so too does her sense of being.

The Review: Sometimes a book strikes unexpectedly, stopping you in your tracks – or, in my case with Black Wave, nearly knocking me over as the F train took a turn at speed and I wasn’t holding onto anything. I wasn’t holding onto anything because I was holding the book in one hand and I’d raised my other hand to my mouth, in a kind of shock and horror – a motion I haven’t repeated since (as my subconscious chose to remind me) Election…

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