Ace Tropes: Ace/Aro Immunity

The Asexual Agenda

Sara K. blogs at The Notes Which Do Not Fit, and has written a number of book reviews of asexual fiction.  She is continuing the ace tropes series, albeit with more of a focus on books.

heartless_example Two vampires discuss why their vampire powers do not work on the protagonist in the webcomic Heartless.

In fiction, there are sometimes magical abilities which exploit characters’ sexual and/or romantic urges. For example, there is the myth of the sirens who use their song to lure victims to their doom (though it’s mainly in Christian-influenced interpretations that this lure is described as being sexual and/or romantic – pagans did not describe the sirens that way).

But what if somebody does not have any sexual or romantic urges to exploit? If a character is asexual and/or aromantic, are they immune to those magic abilities which exploit sexual and/or romantic attraction/desire?

In some fiction…

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