Sexualized Saturdays: Moana the Mythic Hero-King

Lady Geek Girl and Friends

Today’s guest column comes via Alex, a writing student who loves her cats and spends too much time thinking about superheroes. She’s currently working on a creative thesis about myths and gender roles, which will eventually lead to writing mythology fanfiction for approved academic credit. You can read more of her articles, musings and reviews at The Afictionado!

Moana was several different brands of delightful, but one aspect that captured my heart is that it draws its inspiration from mythology rather than from fairy tales—something Disney hasn’t really done since Hercules, and something that gives its heroine a very interesting dynamic. The movie features the trickster god Maui as one of its main characters and incorporates other elements of Polynesian folklore, but I was especially interested—and pleasantly surprised—to see that Moana herself has quite a traditional mythical hero’s character arc.

She is a leader, chosen by nature and destiny…

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