An Unmusical Anarchy: 5 Best Albums of January

Yesterday, I presented the twenty or so books I was able to finish this month. Over the course of reading, I slowly put together a playlist that kept me going as I did so.

As I go into February, here are the albums that I’ve been playing a lot and will continue to do so. 


Migos, Culture

It’s nothing saying this album is brilliant. Quite simply, Migos are not just the hiphop stars of 2017 thus far but this album will probably be the best of the year. Most of us white folk ‘discovered’ Migos when Donald Glover mentioned them in his speech after winning the Golden Globe for his show Atlanta, I think they’re the Beatles of this generation.

Fav tracks: Get Right Witcha, Call Casting, & Bad and Boujee




Loyle Carner, Yesterday’s Gone

The ease of listening to this album is stunning. Carner has a style and sound that entices. The style being British hiphop, it’s content raw and intimate making Carner’s scenes tender, rage-filled, critical, authentic, and more often than not pleasurable. The sound has a smoothness to it that would be too easy to call R&B but drips with soul.

Fav Tracks: Damselfy, Stars & Shards, & NO CD



Austra, Future Politics

We can call it synth-pop without feeling bad about the designation. In fact, I will not apologize for my love of synthesizers and the female voice for both are divine. This album came out on inauguration day and was one of the few things that kept me afloat that day.

Fav Tracks: Future Politics, Utopia, & Angel In Your Eye



Menace Beach, Lemon Memory

The duo of Liza Violet and Ryan Needham put together an album that will get GenXers like myself wistful chills but never does the pair fall into lazy nostalgia. The static guitar recalls the early-to-mid 90s love of garage indie rock (Pavement, Dinosaur Jr., and not a little bit of shoegaze).

Fav Tracks: Maybe We’ll Drown & Suck It Out



Mick Harvey, Intoxicated Women

To love Mick Harvey is to be, at heart, a bad seed. Giving us his final (?) installment of Serge Gainsbourg covers, Harvey betrays nothing of his age. In fact, listening to this album throws me back to his Crime & The City Solution days making me want to burn through as many Wim Wenders films as I can in a day. Harvey is less a vocal presence on this album but the tone is purely his own.

Fav Tracks: Contact, The Eyes to Cry, The Homely Ones, & Striptease


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