In Memorium: Sir John Hurt

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It was recently announced publicly that actor Sir John Hurt passed away on the 27th Jan. 2017 aged 77. It would be remiss if we didn’t take a moment to recognise his impact on film and television culture. But where do we even start? He was the original victim of the chest buster inAlien


…which he brilliantly parodied it inSpaceballs

giphy1 “Oh no…not again…” …he was the first Aragorn in cinema…


…helped traumatise children inWatership Down


…had an Oscar nominated role as John Merrick…


…lived the Trump administration early in1984


…before becoming the other side of the coin inV For Vendetta


…he was Jim Henson’s Storyteller…


…he chose Harry Potter’s wand…


…and raised Hellboy…


…AND he was The Doctor.


Damn. This guy was good.

Born in Derbyshire in 1940, John Hurt was the son of an actress and a mathematician turned…

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