Badiou’s “THE IMMANENCE OF TRUTHS”: Introduction (sketch)


We have enough material available to anticipate the general outlines of many sections of Badiou’s forthcoming book. I will try to give some sense and content to the chapter titles

1) Speculative strategy (source: seminar IMMANENCE OF TRUTHS, December 12, 2012)

Badiou’s strategy involves beginning with a critique of the dominant ideology of modern society, which is no longer based on a finitude of stability and repetition but on a new form of finitude, one of movement and innovation. The critique of the dogma of human finitude will lead him to elaborate a new theory of the infinite.

Badiou criticises the postmodern as an attempt to make one’s peace with the finitude of capitalist circulation, to inhabit it playfully and cynically, i.e. to accept it as a given albeit without being duped by it.

He accuses Lyotard’s post-modernism of being a form of pessimism and resignation, of accepting that there…

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