Fiction: “Roll for Damage” by Hannah Thurman

A rather good short story by Hannah Thurman is up at Heavy Feather, “Some of us were smart but we were all going to state colleges, and not the ones that won basketball championships. Some of us would go on to teach. Some of us would end up in the military. Some of us would keep coming back years later…

Heavy Feather Review

Roll for Damage

We cared deeply that people thought we didn’t care what people thought about us.

We all wore black T-shirts during Spirit Week’s “white T-shirt day.”

Of course we all had black T-shirts.

As members of Carmichael High School’s Sci-fi Club (pronounced “skiffee”), we printed our own black T-shirts each fall with the year on them as well as the funniest inside joke from the games the year before. We were proud of them but had to admit they didn’t hold a candle to what GSA had done a few years back. They’d bought a hundred that said “Carmichael’s Gay” on the front and “Straight Alliance” on the back and no administrator could object without admitting they thought “gay” was derogatory. It was one of the most successful fuck-yous we had seen until Principal C banned scooters and threatened to personally lock up every confiscated set of wheels…

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