Every Bird I’ve Yelled at in My Backyard, thus far…

I’m not into bird-watching; I’m not a birder. But since buying my first home and sitting out on my deck, I’ve become more aware of the multitudes of birds that pass through as well as make my backyard a regular haunt. It’s become a pleasant thing to notice. I’ve gotten more interested in the plants and animals that populate this little corner of the world since becoming a homeowner. I use the Merlin Bird ID app and it’s quite handy.

So here is the current list of birds I’ve seen in my backyard in western Kentucky. These photos aren’t mine but I’m hoping to capture some images of my own in the future.

Eastern Towhee

This guy was pretty with a pleasant call.


House Wren

Our house came will many, many random birdhouses along the outside walls but also in the yard. These little guys have become one of our favorites, tiny but loud.


Mourning Dove

I hate pigeons. Apparently, it’s wrong for me to call these creatures pigeons…but they are, they’re just cleaner flying rats.


American Robin

The lamest, most common bird in the world.


Northern Mockingbird

Walking into work in the mornings these guys are active, vocal. I enjoy it.


Northern Cardinal

Everything in Kentucky is about cardinals. One thing I do quite like about this bird is how here (as opposed to farther north) the cardinals seem a much brighter red.


Common Grackle

At first, I thought these guys were crows but they were too iridescent and their song was just wonderfully shrill. I’ve actually grown to really like seeing and hearing them.


Red-shouldered Hawk

The terror hawks inspire in the squirrels and rabbits around my home is delightful. A shadow passes over the lawn and for a moment everything gets still.


Downy Woodpecker

This little bastard is always fun to catch sight of. There’s another species of woodpecker that I’ve caught glimpses of but haven’t seen in my yard yet. However, this guy regularly pokes around in the tulip poplar right next to my deck.


Ruby-throated Hummingbird

We’ve set up a nectar feeder to attract these. I’m actually toying with the idea of setting up a few so that the hummingbirds don’t push each other off. I’ve seen them come swooping down and be oddly territorial of the feeder. Like the woodpeckers, there’s another species that I’ve seen around here but just not in my yard.

1D RGB 9677 Hummingbirds 10

Turkey Vulture

I see this guy from my yard soaring above. It’s wings are huge. 


Black & White Warbler

This little bastard is cute but it’s song is high-pitched and annoying as fuck.


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