Binge Watch 1st Take: Game of Thrones, Season 6

We’d get together every weekend. Someone different would host each time. We’d cycle through the various pizza places in Lawrence, Kansas & usually let our craft beer snob freak flags fly (one of us was a rather good homebrewer). Then we’d hunker down and watch Game of Thrones.

Like so many GenX-ers and Millennials, we’d made a group datenite equal parts MST3K and current pop cultural obedience. Most of us had read the books and thoroughly. In fact, for those of us that hadn’t the obscure conversations about finer points of the text did nothing to spoil the show. If anything, it made us all want to watch and read more. I had just begun writing my terrible fantasy series and was glad to be around other ardent sword & sorcery geeks who wanted to have at least one night a week to revel in it.

As the season came to a close members of our group moved or had to leave for fieldwork. We now exist primarily as Facebook friends exchanging likes, links, texts, and comments. I miss that. I’m not an overly or even ordinarily social person but I enjoyed our “There is no Dothraki word for…” group.

So when season six finally began, I felt a twinge of nostalgia. Without a group to watch with and still getting a feel for the landscape in my new town and state, I let Game of Thrones go. And, to be honest, season five had simply infuriated me with just how poor it was. I was on the edge of just letting the series go. But then, after Twitter had quieted down and the season six was in the books…

Apple TV is probably the only product from that company that I genuinely like. I watch everything through it now. Discovering HBO Now was a boon. Not only did the wife & I immediately dive into Game of Thrones, I finally got into Animals and am catching up on Silicon Valley. HBO Now is just as valuable as Netflix to my mind for someone addicted to shows.

As we finished each episode of season six, I tweeted out a 1st Take. I don’t believe in spoilers but I realize that most of the Internet are petulant children about any kind of reference to anything they haven’t seen yet. So, in deference to whiners, I kept the tweets as spoiler-free as possible.

It’s just a silly thing. I’m hoping to write some more in-depth stuff this summer about this season, because, jesus fuck wow. For now though, 1st Takes will have to do. I would be interested in hearing the 1st Takes of others too so feel free to comment or tweet at me.

(of course, I meant to write ‘Dorne’ but drunk fingers don’t always obey)

The only good thing about the Greyjoys is its sigil.




“Harshly & truly” is a quote from Lord Manderly in response to the rebuke by Lady Mormont, the hardest edged preteen girl you ever did meet.


I think this phrase sums up the entire season. Did I like season six? Yes. Was it a good season? I think so, but is my judgment clouded by just how poor season five was? We’re going to have to ponder this…


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