The Top 12 Numbered Movies of All Time

I’ve been doing cosmetic renovations to my new house (first house, in fact) for the passed three plus weeks. So I’ve only had a handful of moments to read and write. In the process of working eight to ten hours on the house, when the wife and I come back to our apartment we’re sore and just want to sit. Unmoving and vegetating.

With a set of in-laws coming to visit to help and then my mother, I found steaming movies to be a solace in the evenings. With my mother one day, we fell into watching The Magnificent Seven, a movie she exposed me to as a child (like at 7 or 8) and one that I came to love (as well as the original Seven Samurai when I finally got the opportunity to watch it in college). I’m very much looking forward to the re-make even though there was no need to make one.

We reminisced about the times we watched the movie, had a good Yul Brynner discussion, and talked about the nuances of quality Westerns, specifically gunslinger flicks.

This led to me buying the movie via Apple and then getting The Dirty Dozen. I realized re-watching this flick just how much I fucking loved Lee Marvin’s character. If I were a tough guy, I’d be that guy. While watching this great movie as part of an impromptu Charles Bronson in his prime sequence (I also ended up watching The Great Escape again), I decided to make a movie list because lists are awesome.

This list is of the twelve best numbered movies of all time. Rules are simple: the title has to have a variation of a number in it that’s not simply a Roman numeral or the like. You’ll get the idea the minute you look over the list. 

1. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest 

2. The Two Towers 

3. The Third Man


4. Born on the 4th of July 

5. Five Easy Pieces 

6. The Sixth Sense 

7. The Magnificent Seven


8. 8MM 

9. 9 to 5 

10. 10 Things I Hate About You 

11. Ocean’s Eleven 

12. The Dirty Dozen 


None of this is really about quality. I actually kinda loathe The Sixth Sense and Born on the 4th of July, but those were the best ‘six’ and ‘four’ movies I could think of. Although my title is ridiculously if not stupidly bold, I think it would be fun to play with variations so I’d love to hear other options.


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3 thoughts on “The Top 12 Numbered Movies of All Time

    1. It may be a richer film script-wise since it’s based off a play, but I enjoyed The Dirty Dozen more and felt it had a better balance as a movie. I’d be interested in hearing you Top 12

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