Homo Sapiens Have Outgrown Their Use: A Best Of David Bowie


The lost of David Bowie has saddened millions. I don’t know anyone who hasn’t been hit by the news and not felt acute pain. His career spanned so many decades as he kept enlivening his own music making it relevant, endearing, challenging, playful, and willfully obscure.

We all have experiences with Bowie’s music as well as with Bowie the actor and pop icon. He is etched in our hearts and minds and for many of us his albums or incarnations demarcate major life stages.

David Bowie, ★

These gifs by @Helengreeen are epic and beautiful like the man himself.

Happy Birthday David Bowie!

I wrote about my excitement for his Blackstar album a few months ago and even used the song’s short film as a prompt for of my English courses. For me, David Bowie formed a kind of trinity alongside Tom Waits and Nick Cave. Living in a world without him feels odd. But I suppose there is solace in the fact that we were fortunate enough to live in a world that had him in it. 

There is no definitive David Bowie song or album or persona. He was so much more than his cultural self and yet just a normal man too. Digging through hours of music, I’ve put together my Bowie compilation. We all have one, each unique, and that’s what made Bowie such an icon–his work allowed us all to share ourselves while still being unique.


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