December Songs: Such an Ancient Game

It’s the middle of December and here in Kentucky it’s 60 degrees. That’s fucked up. Heading up North for the holidays will be a jolt, but I do miss proper Winter.

Anywits. As the year comes to a close, I offer up my final playlist for the year.


Such an Ancient Game


My previous playlist is still getting a lot of traction in my wandering about this tiny town, but this one is a bit more Winter appropriate.

Clairity’s song ‘DNA’ is brilliance. Her EP Alienation is of middling quality to my ears. I’m a fan of the synth so ‘DNA’ and ‘Velco’ are what pull me in. Discovering she’s wicked young means we can hopefully look forward to a long career from her. Her voice is stellar and I rather love her lyrics. She’s kinda awesome.

Also, Anna von Hausswolff’s song ‘Stranger’ from her album The Miraculous is superb. 

In fact, that entire album is a gem. It’s like God Speed You Black Emperor, Siouxsie Sioux, & Lisa Gerrard from Dead Can Dance decided to raise a child together.

Other albums whose songs haven’t found their way onto any of my playlists but that I can’t seem to shake are Violent Mae’s Kid

and Holly Herdon‘s album Platform fulfills my need for ‘non-musical sound art.’ 

As 2015 slouches towards its completion, I’m hoping to nestle these songs between my ears as I ever so slowly attempt to get the Spotify/iTunes algorithms to actually recommend something I want to listen to…

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