Nepenthe: Kepler-283c

Another super-Earth (twice the size of our planet) orbiting an orange dwarf, Kepler-283c sits firmly in the habitable zone completing its year in 93 days. It’s sister planet Kepler-283b is larger still and far too close to its star to host life, but there’s probably a very interesting interacting between it and 283c. 


Depictions of 283c are rather dull.


Like Alcyoneus, the suspicion is that 283c isn’t going to be rocky. In fact, some have speculated that this exoplanet is “very likely another tidally-locked, water-world.” 


I doubt the ‘water-world’ option because it feels to much like wish-fulfillment. Yet I have not trouble imagining a huge warm superterran planet. It would be vastly disappointing if this world was neither. 

And this is what had lead me to name this planet


It’s a Homeric Greek term (pronounced ‘ni-pen-thee’) that means ‘un-sorrow’ or ‘that which chases away sorrow.’ It has connotations of quieting and forgetfulness as a drink or drug.



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