Dashrath: Kepler-235e

With roughly a six week year (46 days) and two and half times the size of the Earth, time spent exploring Kepler-235e would go by fast and yet feel as though there’s so much more to see.

Like Caim, there isn’t much information on this exoplanet, meaning we have a relatively blank slate upon which to write. I suspect this planet to be another that may reveal it has more interesting moons.


Of late I’ve been applying the standard method of using mythological names or unique terms from obscure languages to determine appellation for these habitable zone Kepler exoplanets. What I would like to do with 235e is turn to a more eponymous tactic. No my name, of course, but that of a quietly remarkable person, Dashrath Manjhi.

Over more than two decades, Manjhi carved a three hundred foot long, thirty foot wide road through the hills in which he lived so that others wouldn’t suffer the same fate as the women he was married to had. He was mocked at the time for the futility of what he was doing, but his resolve made the road possible and living easier for those around him. One has to admire that sort of determination and altruism. 

I have a similar admiration for the astronomers and other scientists mapping our universe and attempting to show us a path to new worlds. With that in mind, Kepler-235e should be called


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