Foodiesphere: Quick Tomato, Chickpea & Basil Salad

There are more than a few times when I need food but don’t want to eat. I tend to not have anything in the mornings and rarely do I eat a lunch. I’m more of a coffee, afternoon beer, and then dinner kind of person. Is this a kind of person? I doubt. Whatever.

I’ve come to very much enjoy the ease of salads. One of my favorites is this tomato, chickpea, & basil mixture.


Can of chickpeas, drained

Pint of grape tomatoes, halved

Cup of fresh basil, chopped

A clove of garlic, diced

Tablespoon red wine vinegar

Tablespoon apple cider vinegar

Tablespoon olive oil

Tablespoon honey

Quarter cup of sunflower seeds

A dash of salt & pepper (about a teaspoon or less of each)


Mix it all together. I like more basil rather than less (but I’m fortunate enough to have a rather large basil plant) and often sprinkle shredded Parmesan cheese over each serving. This makes about 2-4 servings and only takes about twenty minutes to throw together, so utterly perfect to get rid of the hunger bug.

What I also love about this salad is that it’s painfully easy to add things to–feta or blue cheese crumbles, sliced cucumber, pine nuts, red or green onion, or even quinoa. Doing so doesn’t add any more time to the prep and usually increases the servings. So, win-win.


Of course, after I finished my morning coffee, I paired my salad with a Dogfish Head IPA because 11:00 am on a Sunday is a great time to eat healthy.


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