Seven Years of Dr. & Mr. Casey

The woman I’m married to is a rather brilliant scientist. She’s a geologist, specifically an invertebrate paleontologist. I guess you could call her a malacologist, which would be a fab-o villain name.

Dr. Casey with her anniversary present, an octopus handle umbrella.

The Malacologist, you know, weaponizing snails and clams but over a geologic timescale…her villainy would be playing the long con. I’d be a sidekick. Or minion. Or just love interest. If I could get my shit together to become like The Monarch, she’d definitely be Dr. Girlfriend (i.e., the one that did all the work and was actually good at everything and ended up running the whole show while I fumbled after ham-fisted revenge on a relatively inconsequential arch).


She just left for Baltimore today to attend her field’s annual meeting, GSA. This year it’s difficult because she’ll be out of town for our seventh wedding anniversary. We were married on The Day of the Dead. It was lovely.

Here we are outside the chapel where we were married. It’s in Lakewood Cemetery in Minneapolis, MN.

She’s perfect–beautiful, smart, goddamn funny, and so much better of a person than I’ll ever be. You all owe her. If she wasn’t around, I’d burn this world to the ground.

Anywits, here’s her most recent publication. You should read it. Be smarter.

Mixed assemblages of drilling predators and the problem of identity in the fossil record: A case study using the muricid gastropod Ecphora
Michelle M. Casey,Úna C. Farrell,Gregory P. Dietl and David J. Veilleux (2015).
“>Volume 41
, Issue04, September 2015, pp 680-696

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