October Songs: The Best Songs I’ve Heard This Month

October in Kentucky is a rather tedious time of year. So a lot of my music this Fall has been waffling between tech-y retro pop and shoegazing drone. Let us start gently with the songs of the month. 

Here’s Little May with ‘Home’

And Baio with ‘Endless Rhythm’

Both have found a place in my playlist for the month. Just bright enough to cut the sombre tone of Everyone in the World is Doing Something Without Me

Along with this playlist there have been a few new-to-me bands I’ve been getting into. One of which is Girls Names. It’s album Arms Around A Vision is pretty damn nice. I’d also think it’d be damn fun to see them live:

I’ve also stumbled upon a group called Suburban Living. They released their self-titled album early on this year, so I’m rather behind the curve but it’s been getting a lot of play in my office.

‘Anything’ from Shana Falana’s Set Your Lightning Fire Free is perhaps one of my fav songs so far this year but the entire album is heaven. But the real gem I stumbled upon this month was SEXWITCH.

This is the new project by Natasha Khan (of Bat for Lashes whose song ‘Daniel’ is a tune I can’t get ever hear enough). Seeing this group live would be astounding. It’s like Khan is unleashing an inner Diamanda Galas. 

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