Game Corp DX: Playing a Game about Making Games

I did it!

What did you do?


What did you win?

This game.

Congrats. What was the game about?

Making games.

You won a game about making games?


Good use of your time.

Fuck you.


It was a good use of my time. Although, it is totally fair to throw some Jerry-esque shade my way.

I like simulation games and metafiction. Of course, I’m going to play Game Corp DX

By the end I had created a rather cute looking campus. It only took me 24 years to do so. Eesh.


I made the decision only to make games in high demand regardless of my employees’ skill level. There were more misses than hits, but eventually the skills of the coders, sound people, artists, and writers improved enough that the company could actually make four and five star games every project. My company’s biggest seller (though not highest rated game) was a racer I called Galaxy’s Edge. I loathe racing games. But, hey, you gotta give the simulated populace what it wants in order to become a billionaire entrepreneur.


Here’s where this simulation game really got me–I started to imagine these fake games my company was making and what exactly they’d be like.

In my mind, Galaxy’s Edge is a racer that makes players think they’re playing a strategy or RGP game. Howso? Well, you’d get to choose from a variety of space ships that would unlock as you progressed (standard). Every race would earn credits that could be saved or spent to upgrade the current ship or buy a different/better one. Again, pretty standard. You would also open up other ‘tracks’ or ‘runs’ to enter your ship. As you go through each run, you slowly make your way across the galaxy until you reached it’s ‘edge.’ At this point, the top ten racers compete to see who can get back to the starting point the soonest. Each racer sets its own course by selecting from the runs it has completed. It would be a game you could play as a single-player against generated opponents or in a multi-player mode. 

I’m now pondering how I can make my own game. Perhaps using RPGMaker or something. After playing Game Corp DX, I dreamt that I was developing a game that looked just like it but was a college English professor simulator.

+5 experience for getting grading done on time. -7 in professionalism for swearing at class. You’ve earned a “Get out of department meeting” card.

Every semester would end with student evaluations. Or some such shit, but that’s an aside…

All of this is made-up and not at all part of the game play of Game Corp DX. It’s just what I was thinking about as my workers created the game, and this was what I liked about Game Corp DX. I set the tasks and then had the time to let my mind wander wondering just what type of game these lines of codes were pretending to create. For me, a casual gamer, that’s daydream and activity’s sweet spot.


As I played on, I realized I was naming all the horror games my company developed after Nick Cave songs. Then I started trying to think about what kind of game I would want my favorite comics to be (Shutter, Caliban, Saga, Alex+Ada, Sex Criminals, Brass Sun, & Translucid). Some of these games did well, some didn’t sell at all or ended up having really low quality which left me feeling embarrassed and angry. And getting even a twinge of that emotion from this very basic sim made it worth it.

The graphics are cute, the interface a breeze, the variation unlimited, and because it is an early access game I imagine there will be more and more features added as the game about games matures.

Right now, for $2.99, you really can’t argue against getting it and losing yourself for a couple of nights (I played 8.5 hours and still plan on coming back to tweek my performance).

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