A New Career in a New Town

I’m not in a rush, but I am putting together an English composition course kinda last minute. In a week, I’ll start teaching at Murray State University as an English adjunct. I’ve got three classes this semester meeting four days a week (fortunately, it’s all the same course). In the midst of putting together a syllabus and trying to get all this last minute HR stuff done, I’m reading the course text and trying to plot out a schedule that will then have to be departed from once I encounter how engaged/disengaged the students are.

So to keep me on task but not stressed, I’ve been squirreling away moments to read and watch things for myself. One of which is the new season of Rick & Morty; the most recent episode is broken down superbly over at The Mary Sue. Can’t explain just how good this show is.


Another outlet has been writing for Midfield Press on the NASL. And my latest thing is exploring Spotify. I’ve just created a rather insufferable playlist to space out to that I call “zone out.” Why not listen to it & hate my musical tastes as I loathe yours. 

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