Here’s To Making the Best of It

In three weeks, I’ll be moving to Kentucky.

It’ll be a town where the downtown memorial is to the Confederate dead.


So that’s fucked up.

Especially given that Kentucky was neutral to start the Civil War and ended up siding with the Union. It’s going to be a bit of contrast coming from a state that still celebrates John Brown.

The wife utilizing a display at the Lawrence Public Library’s

Aside from this racist background radiation, Kentucky might be tolerable. The home we found to rent is cute.


And there is a slew of ‘antique’ shops that sell soul-stealing demon dolls for cheap.


At least there will be nightmares. 

Perhaps one of the best tifos ever by Minnesota United’s supporter group the Dark Clouds

We’ll be close enough to Indianapolis to make the drive to support our favorite soccer team Minnesota United when it comes to play Indy Eleven. When we made the trip to square away our apartment and whatnot, we decided to extend the roadtrip up to see the team play. We discovered about four other Minnesota supporters mostly from Chicago there. The match was a win and afterwards I was able to get some sweet pictures with the team.

My wife (right) with Minnesota United manager Manny Lagos, Assistant Coach Carl Craig, and two other supporters we met at the match
Minnesota United forward Pablo Campos, midfielder Juliano Vicentini, my wife, centerbacks Tiago Calvano and Cristiano Dias

That pretty much secured us making this trip a regular happening. Here in Kansas my wife and I refer to ourselves on Twitter as the #FreeStateLoons. Down in Kentucky I guess we’ll be either the #BluegrassLoons or #BourbonLoons. Either way, we’re hoping to tailgate for the Indy matches and create a small island for other Loon Army away supporters.

I fear there will be a lack of proper beer and little to no soccer anywhere. But Nashville won’t be far away, I suspect that a cool city. So, here’s to making the best of it.

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