Updated Edition of Adversaries Together

Last November I self-published my first novel Adversaries Together. I did so because I had just finished National Novel Writing Month and had a manuscript that if I didn’t put out there I would just let gather dust. It was a book that was written in 30 days, proofread and edited on the fly.

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There were a lot of typos and errors. Should I have polished it more rather than just release it warts an all? I don’t know. I do know that if I hadn’t pulled the trigger when I did, the book would be available for anyone to read. 

Fortunately, a couple of friends read the story and liked it enough that they volunteered to do some proofreading. Jessica Utrup and Logan Ryan Smith helped me work over the manuscript of Adversaries Together and create a cleaner edition.

The new edition is formatted better and easier to read. I also was able to lower the price for both the paperback (now $12.99 down from $14.99) and the e-book (now $0.99 down from $2.99). My hope is that this makes the series more accessible and encourages more people to pick it up.


And don’t forget, book two is available as well. Winterfinding is only $9.99 in paperback and $2.99 as an e-book. Keep this in mind as well–if you buy the paperback of Winterfinding and send me an email (gentlyreadlit at gmail), I’ll email you back an digital copy (your choice of Mobi, PDF, EPub, etc.) of Adversaries Together FREE.

Free stuff. Always a good thing.
I’m currently writing book three and hope to have it available in the Fall of 2015.

If you’ve read Adversaries Together, please consider leaving a star rating at Amazon or at Goodreads

If you’ve read Winterfinding, please consider leaving a star rating or review at Amazon or Goodreads

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