Minnesota Dreaming, A Spring Interlude

South Turtle Lake

The North. When it comes out of its Winter shell, its Spring can be delightful. Last year my in-laws bought a cabin in Otter Tail County on South Turtle Lake. 

They weren’t able to close on it until late so my wife and I only got to experience the chilly Autumn of the area. This last week, I drove up from our place in Kansas to help my father-in-law open up the cabin and do some improvements. 

Map of South Turtle Lake

We had some very simple tasks. First and foremost, assemble the boat dock. Now I know that many and most Northerners will give me stick for even mentioning putting out a boat dock for no other reason than it;s just so common. But growing up I never had the opportunity to do anything like this. Although I grew up in a small county seat in Wisconsin, I never had the chance to do outdoorsy things. A combination of little to no male role models and a naturally nerdy tendency made me an indoor boy.

Dusk on South Turtle Lake using all the filters to capture the colors

So my journey up to aid my father-in-law wasn’t for my expertise. It was because I have two fully functioning knees. I was labor. And for my labor I was to be compensated in the form of brats and beer. These terms were acceptable. 


I had never spent any time in the area. The nearest town of significance is Fergus Falls. Here I was able to see the second giant otter statue that the county has to offer.

19819_10153225713853866_1082803825058940635_nThis lake also sported a tiny island that was a rookery for cormorants and egrets.

10366165_10153225715783866_5584698225633977236_nI also had the opportunity to hiss at a goose and send it on its way.


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