All This Has Nothing To Do With Me – Monica Sabolo (translated by Georgina Collins)

The Writes of Woman

All This Has Nothing To Do With Me begins with the following paragraph, underneath which is a photograph of the Titanic leaving Southampton:

The first section of our analysis will focus upon the pathological phenomenon ‘blind love’. We will see how an individual can be unexpectedly struck down by this tenacious illness, even though that same person has so far been progressing artlessly yet confidently through life. Scientifically speaking it is noteworthy, even poignant, to identify some of the early indicators of the disaster ahead. These intrinsic signs ignite like warnings written in letters of fire, and yet the individual passes hastily by with the innocent smile of a child being led to the sacrificial altar.

On the following page, we see an extract from an email, sent by ‘MS’ to her friend Alexandra M. MS says she’s offered the job of editor of the film section to a young…

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