Hisham Bustani on ‘New’ Arabic Writing: 5 Authors You Should Read

& Arablit

Over at The Common last weekJordanian short-story writer Hisham Bustani addressed “‘New’ Arabic Writing: Cataclysm in Fast-Forward“:

New_Writing_Twitter_LogoIn it, Bustani names five writers as pioneers of newness. He writes:

To list the names of the pioneers of “new writing” in the Arab world is to do an injustice to others, but I will take that risk in order to shed some light on a literature so unrepresented in the global literary scene and so neglected (rather than lost) in translation.

Part of what’s interesting about the list is that none of them are really “new,” in the sense that they’re not under 28 and didn’t start publishing last week. But Bustani isn’t talking about that. He’s talking about writers who “introduced new sensitivities, new styles, new techniques and — to an extent — a new language in literature.”

Of all on the list, Syrian writer Zakaria Tamer is…

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