What’s the Point of an RPG Without a Main Villain? How Ultima IV Changed the Game Published at Tor.com

I adored this game as a kid. I think I even made weird side notes & early fan fiction from it. Great article

The Whimsy of Creation: The Blog of Tieryas


One of the most important and compelling games I ever played was about you being a good person. In Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar, you helped the poor, sacrificed blood, defended the weak. There was no main villain, no prince or princess to rescue. You had to become a a good person. Period. It was an inspiration growing up and an honor to write about it for Tor.com. It’s funny as I think about the game, all the hours poured into it. Bits and pieces from the essay which I explored in the format of the eight virtues which comprise the avatar, like compassion:

The homeless and the sick exist in most of the towns of Britannia. One of them is dying of bubonic plague and looks so pitiful as he begs for money. No matter how much money you give him, he’s still there every day. I know…

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