Winterfinding: Ascendant Realms, Book Two

I’ve finished the second book, Winterfinding, in my epic fantasy series Ascendant Realms.

The first, Adversaries Together, didn’t do poorly. At least, I didn’t have any real expectations. My only desire was to write the story and get it out there so that it was more meaningful than just being forgotten on my computer. As of today, Adversaries Together has sold 35 paperback copies, 34 Kindle copies, and 731 free Kindle copies for a total of 800 copies overall.

I think that’s a damn good number for a book that’s only been available since November 4th, 2014 (nearly five months) and had more than a few glitches. I need to thank Jessica Bazely-Utrup and Logan Ryan Smith (a proper fiction author who’s book you should read) for doing some post-production proofreading. I’m hoping to make available a ‘2nd edition’ of Adversaries Together in April.

My hopes for Winterfinding are modest. Shorter in length and priced lower, I would suspect that it would sell just as well as the first book in the series. There’s also the belief that since so many free copies were downloaded a portion of those people would want the sequel. However, I’m not going to hold my breath.

I think Winterfinding is a better story. Going into it my goal was to focus in on a couple of characters in order to give readers a bit more of a connection with them. As I wrote, the book became dominated by Jena Char’s story. The tough woman ranger became an excellent foil for not only advancing the plot but humanizing the characters. This, at least, was my hope.

Continuing to write the series has been a pleasure. Is it high art? No. But I’m pleased with the work I’m doing, and I think it’s improving. It’s very enjoyable getting lost in crafting a story. Even now I’m working out notes for book three, which I hope to have ready in the autumn.

Winterfinding, Paperback 

Winterfinding, Kindle


Back flap summary:

Winterfinding, book two of the Ascendant Realms series, picks up after where Adversaries Together left off.

After defeating the pirate mercenary Asa Salda, Avery Roth leaves his new allies and goes north to deliver to his elders–the mysterious Caretakers–the orphaned child Colm. Meanwhile, Jena Char erases any traces of the group to prevent or stall any further bounty hunters.

Wynne Landis has gone to the seat of the world’s dominate religion, The Cathedral in the city of Sulecin, in the hopes of negotiating an end the siege of his home city of Rikonen. His daughter Fery stays by the side of the fallen paladin Goshen Staad, the mercenary Declan Rainway, and the priestess Kira Ambrose as they discover more about who is pursuing them and why.

All the while, the Seven Spires has amassed an army set to conquer Rikonen with The Cathedral’s blessing. But before it can set out on its war path, intrigue unsettles The Cathedral as word arrives of an armada from the far southern nation of Lappala.

Do they want war? Trade? Or something else?

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