My Kindle Promotion Week

I’ve re-enrolled in Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited. Which mean that my epic fantasy novel, Adversaries Together, is running a new promotion.

Featured Image -- 1137

Adversaries Together will be FREE to download via Kindle until Saturday March 7th.


So the promotion has ended. I think it was fairly successful. For the week, Adversaries Together was downloaded 355 times. For a day or so on Amazon’s list of the Top 100 Free Kindle Books in epic fantasy, Adversaries together was #11. I think that’s a rather good showing. Overall, the first book of my fantasy series has been downloaded over 700 times. The hope is that at least some of these folks commit to buying book two.

Now it is a great time to get Adversaries Together. As book one of my Ascendant Realms series, getting Adversaries Together now will set you up for this April when I make available the second book in the series, Winterfinding.

BookCoverPreview (1)

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