The Progress: 2015 Reading Challenge

There are only a few things I do well. That may be an unfair statement. Let me rephrase–everything I do well falls under a few categories. I read and I think about what I’ve read.

The Asperger’s in me adores lists, referencing, and compiling. To merge these, I’ve taken on the Goodreads Reading Challenge. So with the first two months of the year behind me, I’m taking a moment to look over my progress. You, dear reader, are of course welcome to judge and recommend.


It’s not really a ‘challenge.’ It’s more of an honor system notion. I’ve set a goal for myself of reading 365 books for the year. I tend to read several books concurrently. I have the fortunate trait of being able to retain nearly all of what I’ve read and to read quickly. Combining this with the fact that I still get the occasional ARC (advance review copy) from when I ran a literary magazine and you can see it’s not an out-of-bounds goal.

Two months in, I’m dong rather well. Although I keep putting off reading The Circle by Dave Eggers, the rest of my finds have been rather pleasant and finished in a timely manner. I think that so far my favorite book has been The Philosopher’s Plant by Michael Marder. It was an unexpected find and a rather good work of philosophy. Holding down the position of least worth reading was Michel Faber’s The Book of Strange New Things. I had high hopes for it, which is probably why it has left such a sour taste.

reading 5

I’ve experienced a flurry these last few weeks thanks to my local library being able to quickly acquire my litany of “to-read” requests. I imagine however things will slow down soon given that I have to finish my own novel (the second book, Winterfinding, of the epic fantasy series I’m writing is nearly done). There’s also the fact that soon Spring will be sprung and I’ll be able to go outside regularly. Winter is a great time to read and, I would argue, a much better reading season than summer with its dreadful ‘beach reads’ trope.

I’m interested in hearing what books you’d recommend and if you do or do not agree with the handful of ‘reviews’ I’ve done. So, pop on over to my Goodreads page. Pester me. I want to talk books with you.

readingreading 2reading 3reading 4

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