How Not To Write Misogynist Literature (A Guide For Dudes And Bros)

The Sundress Blog


By Amorak Huey

It’s tempting to start this piece by repeating the obvious, only speaking slowly: Don’t. Write. Literature. That. Is. Misogynist.

Because, seriously. It’s not that hard.

Except, apparently, it is for a lot of writers. Dudes, I mean. Of course. So, fellas, here’s a little Jeff Foxworthy-esque checklist to see if your writing is misogynist:

  • If the women characters in your writing exist largely to illustrate the state of mind of the men characters … your writing might be misogynist.
  • If there are no women in your writing, like, ever … your writing might be misogynist.
  • If your writing describes violence happening to women, and it’s graphic, or titillating, or sexy, or supposed to be excused because you’re doing the oh-so-original work of exploring the psyche of the violent or lonely male mind … your writing is definitely for sure misogynist.
  • If those #GamerGate yahoos would appreciate your…

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