An Early Reckoning: How My First Self-Published Novel Is Faring

Thanks to The Stake for seeing fit to re-post this

The Stake

by Daniel Casey

It’s been just over two months since I released Adversaries Together. It’s an epic fantasy adventure novel, swords and sorcery, magic and mythic beasts. The only thing is, my story doesn’t have any magic and doesn’t have any mythic beasts–no wizards, no dragons. As far as swords go, I’ve got very little blood or fighting and even less sex. It’s kinda difficult to sell people on a fantasy book that takes all that out. Still I’ve been plugging away, spending more time than I thought promoting it. Results have been mixed because I am no salesman.

Yet I can’t say that self-publishing was a poor choice. I’m quite happy that the book is available and though not a best-seller by any means, I’m not embarrassed by its sales. Simple fact is, I’ve made more from publishing it than I ever would have just letting it sit…

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