Feminist Frequency is just truth-telling, says Joss Whedon

The Stake

The work of Anita Sarkeesian and her project, Feminist Frequency, has always been controversial. To some at least. Sarkeesian has been on the receiving end of the worst venom the internet can produce. Everything from mockery to rape and death threats have been directed at her, on and off-line, because of her feminist critiquing of cultural properties (she discussed this treatment in a TED Talk).

Yet Sarkeesian has continued. Her current video series, called Tropes vs. Women in Video Games is funded by a highly successful Kickstarter Campaign. Her videos are strong pieces of criticism. She states throughout her work that critiquing one part of video games (misogyny) is not an indictment of every aspect of gaming. Her videos follow a simple formula, laying out the basis of her criticism early, and spending a lot of time with examples of misogyny to strengthen her argument.

After viewing her work, it’s difficult to see a…

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