Comix Gratis

Getting into comics has been interesting. I’ve found some really great stories (Caliban, Shutter, Translucid, and others). But I’ve also found a slew of titles that really just didn’t click with me. Unfortunately, there’s no real buy-back market in comics. At least, not like what I’m use to with books and CDs.

With that in mind, I want to offer to you, the random reader, some comics. I’m giving these away, so just tell me what you want & I’ll send it to you. First come, first serve.


The Life After #1

The story of a man who realizes he is in some sort of purgatory.

Dry Spell #1

A superhero story that I guess is from the perspective of an ex-villain.

Minimum Wage #1

This reads like the comic Dante from Clerks would write about his life.

MPH #1

And this would best be described as, What if Jesse Pinkman wrote a comic?

IMG_20140730_173454The Returning, 1-4 (full series)

This could be a very good series. Imagine Buffy the Vampire Slayer only without any friends, family, support, or explanation of what the hell is going on.

IMG_20140730_173702The Last Broadcast, #1 & #2

Tree, #1 & #2

Recently, I gave up on these series through no fault of their own. Trees is written by Warren Ellis who is apparently a god-like figure in the comic world. This particular story jumps around all over the world to characters dealing with living near the ominous alien pillars that have suddenly appeared that give the series its name. Having already committed to following several series, I just couldn’t muster the energy to stay the course with this one.

The Last Broadcast is a neat little puzzle comic that tries to blend stage magic with a faux-hipster underworld. It’s a story that would be more interesting to read in a complete book rather than in installments. The art is unique though and I think that drew me the most to the series.

IMG_20140730_173537Velvet #1 & #2

Pretty Deadly #5

Ghost #3

These last ones are comics that I enjoyed very much and have decided to buy the proper graphic novel of each. Velvet was engaging and well paced and Pretty Deadly feels like the successor to Sandman. Ghost read better than many and most superhero comics, but I don’t know if I really need more superheros in my life.


So if you want any of these, email me (gentlyreadlit at or send me a note on Twitter (@misanthropester)

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