Decorous Correspondence of Likes

Ryan Siverson’s epic photo of the Dark Clouds (@rysiphoto)

A summer weekend can be a delightful thing, yet it implies a rather disenchanting Monday. Friday I drove from Lawrence, Kansas to Plymouth, Minnesota. The wife and I were heading to see our Minnesota United FC play a friendly with English Premier League side Swansea City.


It turned out to be a superb match with Minnesota winning.

We arrived just a smidge early to tailgate with the supporters group, The Dark Clouds, where I was able to get my 2014 member scarf & ID. Michelle also was able to snag her second photo with Nessy (aka @David_5mith) & a good time was had. For being such a short visit to our favored Twin Cities, I couldn’t have asked for much more.

10169176_10152554539238866_690832726139213675_n10527322_10152554663963866_2437746793732183368_n10559782_10152554591373866_3746025356399186867_n (1)A drive back down to Kansas was a trek. After spending years driving from New Haven, Connecticut to the Twin Cities, this particular drive is ‘short.’ Still though…

So a Monday back in a beastly hot state peopled with religious extremists. Not to get bogged down, I stuck to my domestic routine–laundry, vacuuming, grocery shopping, & dinner. In the short time it took me to make a variation upon “Bacon & Goat Cheese Stuffed Chicken,” I also spliced together my first playlist in quite some time.

Enjoy it all, non-readers.


“let us live in all ways more like the dead” 

Here there’s a feeling that nothing could happen any minute.

History stalls in acceleration: progress’ eternal return.


in our decorous correspondence of likes

@collapse from the angle of fate

what’s left is the birds sing

and the violence called gender that capital calls love

Anne Boyer

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