Review: Image Comics’ Shutter #1 and 2

So that threat I made about doing comic reviews…here’s my first foray into that. Lucky enough to have The Stake take it on board

The Stake


by Daniel Casey

What does the modern, global explorer look like? What does it mean to combine the information age of the 21st century with the pulp adventurers of the 20th century? “What would Indiana Jones be like if created in 2014? What’s after Lara Croft?” These are questions from comic book writer Joe Keatinge, and they wonderful and demand a response. Along with artist Leila Del Duca, Keatinge is answering these questions in the new Image Comics title, Shutter.

Shutter is the story of Kate Kristopher (perhaps a slight hint to the patron saint of travelers, St. Christopher, who you can learn all you need to from the Tom Waits song Hang On St. Christopher), the heir of a family of explorers and adventurers. According to Kate’s father as he initiates his eight year-old daughter into family trade, the Kristophers have “long unlocked our reality’s never-ending secrets, chronicled her unyielding beauty.” Kate’s response is delightfully banal and…

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