Time Elapse


Casual Incivism

Sympathies ease into antipathies soon enough


Other Opportunities for Machinating

“It is not with them that they come
Or rather gather for it as not known
They could have pleasure as they change
Or leave it all for it as they can be
Not only left to them as restless
For which it is not only left and left alone
They will stop it as they like”
–Gertrude Stein, Stanzas in Meditation



Perhaps the light will gather its warmth, enkindle some kind of revivification & permanently dispel cruel revenants


mono no aware

‘mono’ means things; ‘aware’ designates a profound and individual emotion that one experiences in communion with the transient beauty of a person, an event, a natural object or a work of art: Motoori Norinaga (1730-1801)


Here are my recent playlists.  From New Year’s Day up to last week, my wife and I have been working out twice a week. Last week she came down with a sinus/throat bug and we broke our streak. However, we were able to pick right back up. I’ve been cycling through these of late and once it gets nice and dry out, I suppose I’ll be listening to them more as we try to bike more. Last weekend was also the first match of the Lawrence Adult Soccer League’s Spring Session. Certainly more fit than last November but still heavy footed. Hopefully things will improve. I’m weighing about 190 lbs but I think I still look flabby and ill-defined. Getting old is no good.

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