Preseason Dispatch: Chicago Fire (2) vs. Colorado Rapids (1)

My second write-up of the 2014 season for On The Fire

OTF Soccer

fe7960e36aba5f47a7b6d0f9a024a81dThe 2014 Desert Diamond Cup Hosted by FC Tucson (photo from

OTF contributor Daniel Casey mulls over the Chicago Fire’s first victory of the Desert Diamond Cup as part of the 2014 preseason…

The Fire’s first match of the Desert Diamond Cup hosted by the USL-PDL side FC Tucson (ostensibly fourth tier in the US) went swimmingly with a 2-1 defeat of the Colorado Rapids. Preseason results always need to be taken with a grain of salt. I remember years of positive preseason results when I followed the Chicago Cubs as a kid, only to watch a season of purely awful play. Point is, there’s a very limited correlation between the preseason and the regular season; we can’t get ahead of ourselves.

That being said, the Desert Diamond Cup will prove an excellent whetstone with Colorado, FC Tucson, New England Revolution, Real Salt Lake, and Chivas USA in the…

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