Urged Toward Emulation

“Late Winter turns thoughts to covetousness”

In an effort to follow through on New Year resolutions, I’ve started working out with my wife. So far it’s been seven weeks straight, which is fairly good to my mind given just how much I loathe the thought of the gym. Seeing people work out or, more rightly, enduring listening to people work out puts me in a rage. Lunks and she-lunks; if those people all died I would shed no tears.

Anywits. Putting time in on low end weight training hasn’t been as horrid as I thought it would, and we’ve begun to add more cardio to our workouts. This consists of stationary bikes until the weather turns and we can actually ride our real bikes. Thus, I need more playlists to keep my mind occupied.

The mix here is a bit more mainstream than my previous (at least, I suspect). U2, Phantogram, and The Glitch Mob are pretty damn popular. But the tracks I really dig here are the Dum Dum Girls and Kye Kye. Also, I love this tune from The Ropes but in looking for a video I discovered that the track is usually played acoustic–and it’s fucking dreadful. So I’m glad for the goth-ish version.

I Don’t Like to Get Dirty, The Ropes
I Miss Your Bones, Hospitality
Rimbaud Eyes, Dum Dum Girls
Invisible, U2
People, Kye Kye
Can’t Kill Us, The Glitch Mob
Original Don, Major Lazer
Black Out Days, Phantogram


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