Vast Athenaeum: reading shadows writing


If there’s one thing I know, I love melodramatic titles. So, of course, I need to write something vastly underwhelming. One form this will take is that of a novel. I don’t know what the novel will look like yet, but I’m going to complete National Novel Writing Month this November. I’ve done similar writing, for a couple years in a row I wrote a poem a day during April (National Poetry Month). Those works weren’t bad, but could have been much better. It was just nice to get back into the habit of writing again.

Over the past few years I’ve written less and less poetry and have only been able to compose the briefest (and most awful) fictive prose. Editing a book review magazine has meant that I’m reading more than I’m writing, and that is on top of the constant material I am finding via social networks to stay informed about goings on. Editing keeps me sharp and for the past couple of years now I’ve been writing at least 1k words a week, though typically more, on US soccer. Then, re-starting this site has also given me an outlet to shake off the cobwebs and work out the rust.

I’ll have a few resources to help me monitor my progress starting November 1st. There will be the NaNoWriMo Doom Clock and the official website with its resources.

None of this will turn out well.

So in the lead up, I’ve decided to put together a soundtrack for writing & reading for the month. I’ll certainly add more and go back to my other playlists made this year, but this is first specifically for this purpose.

The bands are a bit more hipster than what I usually listen to and I doubt I’ll get the full album for several of the groups. That said, I feel this is a good balance between calm, sober background and active, energizing foreground music.

We’ll see.

I Was a Streetlight, Grass House

Beautiful Question, Richard Buckner

Up, On & Over, Bronze Radio Return

Old Town Blues, Boy & Bear

Bangs, Brick + Mortar

Atonement, The Kickdrums

Ghost, Sir Sly

Creeper, Swim

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