Irascible Erraticism


I don’t know the mood for this rather capricious mix that swings from a kind of folky rock to jangly guitar to mellow electronic to moody conceptual.

The new Polica album, Shulamith, is amazing. I’ve not enjoyed an album so much in a long time. It’s an odd one though, I’m not sure what it is that gets in my blood about it. I’m certain the group would be amazing live. I’ve heard a different Unknown Mortal Orchestra single that was far too Beatles-y for me but this track is brilliant. Ghost Wave reminds me of Happy Mondays/Stone Roses era rock as does the Temple Songs tune. The Black Books track wins, it just feels epic to me.



Floating There, Concorde

No Need for a Leader, Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Here She Comes, Ghost Wave

Passed Caring, Temple Songs

Chain My Name, Polica

Turn It Up, Factory Floor

Honest, Heavenly Beat

The Big Idea, Black Books

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